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Bathtub Drain Cleaning

Looking for Bathtub Drain Cleaning in East Los Angeles, North Orange County, or West San Bernardino County? Your search ends with FlowMasterPlumber. We provide top-notch service at competitive rates, often available on the same day! Dial (323) 200-9456 to connect with us now!

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Plans starting as low as $49.95/month.

Bathtub Drain Cleaning

If you're in need of Bathtub Drain Cleaning in East Los Angeles, North Orange County, or West San Bernardino County, Flow Master Plumber is here for you. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and prompt same-day service! Give us a call at (323) 200-9456 today!

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Sun-soaked afternoons in SoCal are often concluded with a refreshing shower or a relaxing dip in the bathtub. However, when your bathtub drain is clogged, that relaxation turns into frustration. If your bathtub isn't draining as it should, reach out to the trusted experts at FlowMasterPlumber.

With top-tier equipment, skilled technicians, and vast experience, we're your go-to for clearing out even the most stubborn bathtub drain blockages. While occasional DIY methods can offer temporary solutions, there are times when only a professional touch can ensure smooth water flow.


  1. Plumbing Auger: This tool is adept at breaking up minor obstructions, ensuring your bathtub drain is free of any debris.

  2. High-Pressure Water Jet: For those persistent clogs, a high-pressure jet can cut through accumulated grease or any other residue that's hampering your drain.

  3. Flex Shaft Cleaning: Perfect for addressing scale build-up or other challenging blockages, our flex shaft services offer a comprehensive cleaning solution.


  • Hair & Soap: Over time, these two commonly lead to bathtub blockages.

  • Foreign Objects: Accidental slips of small items can obstruct your drain. No worries, our team can handle it.

  • Scale & Mineral Build-Up: SoCal's hard water can lead to calcium and mineral deposits in your pipes, slowing down the water flow.



Various bathtub drains exist, such as pan bath drains, showers over bathtubs, and more. The prevalent waste and overflow system features a removable stopper, ensuring the tub retains water. This system also prevents water overflow, accounting for excessive water or significant displacement when the tub is in use.

When you call in our experts, we don't just dive in. A thorough assessment ensures we understand the nature and extent of the clog, allowing us to address it most effectively.

For swift, efficient, and lasting solutions to your bathtub drain woes, there's only one name to remember in SoCal: FlowMasterPlumber. Dial (323) 200-9456 or schedule your appointment effortlessly at Let us restore the joy of your bathtub sessions!

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